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Learn French with Elodie

Maybe you’re just starting or maybe you’ve been learning the language for a while but your level is still not progressing as fast as you would like it.

Learning a language is like playing a sport at a high level!

You need to practice every day! You need to develop a winning strategy, be organized, rigorous and highly motivated.
Just like high level athletes, in order to succeed, you need a COACH!

96% of French language learners progress 5 times faster with a specialized teacher.

As a certified teacher, I am here to help you achieve the level and fluency you desire in French!
I’m looking forward to meeting you and guiding you in your French learning journey!


French classes by a Professional Native Speaker.
An innovative service to suit the exact client’s need.
Flexibility to meet the students’ schedule.
An interactive and conversational technique.
Individual and small group classes from beginner to advanced levels.


Have fun in your learning journey!
Connect with like-minded French learners!
Be guided every step of the way!
Become confident in speaking French!
Achieve your goals!


Start Your Language Journey Today!

Classes for children

From an early age, children can learn a language fast. If you want your child to learn French, or if they need extra help with their current studies or homework, you’ve come to the right place!

Classes for adults

If you are ready to learn French, either in private or in a small group, I will be your guide. You will learn how to speak the language, read and write it but also I will teach you about the French culture.

Prepare for Exams

If you need help to prepare for a French test or exam, I’m here for you. We will work on your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in order to make you pass.

Happy Faces of Happy Students

See what my students have to say!

Trusted by many loyal students.


Elodie is by far the best instructor I have had in 6 years since beginning French lessons! Trust me, she is what you are looking for in an effective French instructor.


Elodie is a fantastic teacher. She is very patient and takes the time to help you really understand not just the French language, but the culture as well.



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